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August 13

Why Write It? From The Archives!

Why Write It? Writing My Passion!

December 31

All My Books Are Now in eBooks Kindle Amazon!

All My Books Are Now in eBooks Kindle Amazon!                   This is quite an achievement in itself for an Omani Writer and Author who started with one book in 2003 – and to be now with 21 books to date! 4 books on Arab Management; 3 on Road Safety; 10 on my […]

December 10

No More – Between Us Only! This Is Goodbye!

No More – Between Us Only! This Is Goodbye! The End of My Columns!                 All The Between Us Only! Books Stretching Over 14 Years! Goodbye; Between Us Only! Authored by Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany MBA This book is the 11th book in The Series – Between Us Only! […]

November 08

All About My 19 Books To Date! Plus eBooks Kindle Amazon!

All About My 19 Books To Date! Plus eBooks Kindle Amazon! All About My 19 Books To Date Double Click to open The PDF File Above! Majid Al Suleimany Books. The Arab Management Books. eBooks Availability – 12 books out of 19 Total Books! 7 at a later stage – Insha Allah! God Willing – […]

June 28

Message To My Fans & Readers!

Message To My Fans & Readers! Dear All & After Compliments; Ramadhan Kareem! Whenever I go out (which is rarely nowadays!) and in social gatherings – I get the same questions – again and again – as to when my articles in Between Us Only! series in The Oman Daily Observer will resume? Or if […]

November 02

Ordering My Books Directly!

How To Order Directly! Books Websites For Ordering All My Books 01 Wipe My Tears! *** Wipe My Tears! 02 Being The Safe Driver! Safe Driving 03 Short Takes – Two! Short Takes 2 04 The Sequel – Three! The Sequel 3 05 Psychology of Arab Management Thinking! Arab Psychology 06 A Cry For Help! Arab […]