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November 13

All My New Books in Kindle KDP and Amazon!

All My New Books in Kindle KDP and Amazon!

October 19

All My MAS Books At One Place Stop Centre!

All The Information on My Books – One Stop Place Centre!

October 06

A – Master Books List – PDF Updated!

A – Master Books Listings (Updated October 6 2018)!

September 28

The USA Gold Seal Of Literary Excellence! The USA Review of Books!

The USA Gold Seal of Literary Excellence!

August 13

Why Write It? From The Archives!

Why Write It? Writing My Passion!

August 12

Book Review – Short Takes! Between Us Only!

Short Takes – Between Us Only!

August 12

The Oman Daily Observer Books Review – Psychology of Arab Management Thinking!

Book Review Psychology of Arab Manageme

August 11

To Many That Had Supported Me & My Books! From The Archives!

To All Those Who Had Supported Me!

August 11

Between Us Only! Original Book Redo!

Between Us Only! Redo!

August 01

All My Books & Related Video!

All My Books Video!