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August 12

Book Review – Short Takes! Between Us Only!

Short Takes – Between Us Only!

July 03

Valuing Our Own! Between Us Only!

Between Us Only! Series Books!

June 28

Message To My Fans & Readers!

Message To My Fans & Readers! Dear All & After Compliments; Ramadhan Kareem! Whenever I go out (which is rarely nowadays!) and in social gatherings – I get the same questions – again and again – as to when my articles in Between Us Only! series in The Oman Daily Observer will resume? Or if […]

May 09

PDO Talents Show May 12, 2014 – Display of My Books!

REMIND – PDO Talents Show May 12, 2014 – Display of My Books! http://www.myownmajid.com Pleased to inform you that my books will be displayed on that day as belonging to The PDO Family as Retirees. It will start with a small presentation on how I started writing and ending in 10 books – 2 in […]

August 01

Special Offer – The New Books!

Dear All & After Compliments; A          Psychology of Arab Management Thinking Book! Win The Golden Seal Award! Pleased to inform you on the revised book cover showing distinction of winning the Golden Seal Award USA and entrant to Eric Hoffer USA Award. Though did not win the Eric Hoffer Award the mere fact that it […]