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October 23

Between Us Only! Book Redo Version!

The Author The Author is an ex Human Resources Management Consultant (now retired) with over 40 years of experiences and exposures in mainly Oil and Gas Companies in GCC. He was a weekly Column Contributor in The Oman Daily Observer Features under ‘Between Us Only’. He had started writing in the column now for the […]

August 13

Book Review – The Sequel! Between Us Only! The Oman Daily Observer!

Book Review -The Sequel – Between Us Only!

August 11

Between Us Only! Original Book Redo!

Between Us Only! Redo!

June 03

Between Us Only! The Original (Redo!)

Between Us Only! The Original (Redo)!

July 21

Between Us Only! The Sequel Books! After The Columns Had Got Ended!!

Between Us Only! The Sequel Books! After Columns End!

February 21

Between Us Only! Series Books! For The Fans!

Between Us Only! Series Books

March 31

The Disease of Jealousy and Envy!

The Disease of Jealousy and Envy! Looking The Other Way! Not Appreciating Our Own! Bad Hearts At Work! Jealous and Envious People! The Mafias! The Old Guards! The Old Guards & The Mafias – Unite! So sad and tragic! Open your eyes and see, open your ears and hear and open your mouth – and […]

August 10

Wipe My Tears! Now Published!

Wipe My Tears! Now Published! Eid Mubarak! After Compliments; Pleased to inform you that the book is now published. More details and information here! “We are extremely excited with this book …in which you have put all your highly emotionalized sentimentalizd articles in one book! We can only wish you all the best” – the […]

July 20

Wipe My Tears! My New Book – Under Publication.

Wipe My Tears! My New Book – Under Publication. I read your article – it made me cry! I gave it to the wife – and she too cried with me! – Indian CEO.  Real visionary and with great realistic foresight – American CEO.  The article was a great eye-opener for me! – British CEO. […]

July 04

Kirkus Book Review – Between Us Only! The Sequel – 3!

  Kirkus Book Review – Between Us Only! The Sequel – 3!                      TITLE INFORMATION  BETWEEN US ONLY! The Sequel – Three! Al Suleimany, Majid CreateSpace (706 pp.) $32.00 paperback, $12.00 e-book ISBN: 978-1483991924; April 28, 2013  www.createspace.com/4153263   BOOK REVIEW  Another book of informative essays […]