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October 23

Between Us Only! Book Redo Version!

The Author The Author is an ex Human Resources Management Consultant (now retired) with over 40 years of experiences and exposures in mainly Oil and Gas Companies in GCC. He was a weekly Column Contributor in The Oman Daily Observer Features under ‘Between Us Only’. He had started writing in the column now for the […]

June 03

Between Us Only! The Original (Redo!)

Between Us Only! The Original (Redo)!

June 03

The Sequel – 3! Between Us Only!

The Sequel – 3! Between Us Only!

May 15

Between Us Only! The Original Book!

Between Us Only! The Original!

July 03

Valuing Our Own! Between Us Only!

Between Us Only! Series Books!

January 13

The Sequel! Between Us Only!

  New & Old! Book 23 – The Sequel! Between Us Only! http://www.createspace.com/5253909 Previous Book 22 – http://www.createspace.com/5246843 PLEASE GO TO LIKE THE PAGES! Back Book Cover! This is a Redo of The Book – The Sequel! Between Us Only! The book is a Sequel to The First Book Between Us Only! Published in 2003. […]

September 19

My Books Press Lukewarm Coverage!

To A High VIP on My Books Lukewarm Coverage in Media and Acceptance  My Books Icons   To A High VIP on My Books Lukewarm Coverage in Media and Acceptance AAWW – After Compliments I talked to my USA Publishers about our discussions yesterday on my books.  Quote Dear Mr. Suleimany Thanks for your email […]

October 21

Wipe My Tears! New Book Review.

My New Website – http://www.majidwrite.com And also at – http://www.majidall.com For Wednesday – October 23rd 2013. Between Us Only! Book Review – New Book – Wipe My Tears!  I cannot live without books – Thomas Jefferson I spend a lot of time reading – Bill Gates http://www.createspace.com/4304972 – For Direct Orders – Few copies with […]

May 11

Short Takes! The Sequel – Three! Book Release.

For the fans and the readers’ information – the Sequel Books to the Between Us Only! series have now been released! Book – Short Takes – Two! and The Sequel – Three! They carry all my articles past 4 years!   From The Books Publishers – The books focus on the study of humanity, human […]