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September 29

The Road Safety Videos – Books Road Safety!

The Road Safety Videos – Books Road Safety!

February 19

Accolades For Arabic – Behind The Wheel!

Accolades My Book Road Safety Book Arabic

January 29

4 killed as ambulance hits truck!

Four Killed in Ambulance Accident! –  Times of Oman – January 29 2015. The victims were killed in the Wednesday after noon road accident when their ambulance crashed on to a truck in Al Amerat-Quriyat road. – Supplied picture (ToM)  Muscat: A Filipino male nurse along with the medical orderly and the driver of the ambulance, […]

December 04

Appeal To The Leadership! Please Read It!

Appeal To The Leadership! Please Read It! Your Highnesses and Your Excellencies; http://www.bethesafedriver.com http://www.createspace.com/4875352 http://www.createspace.com/4655681 http://www.createspace.com/4097374 I am sorry to write this in English because though our late parents tried hard but the environment especially in Tanzania was more Englsh and on returning to Oman in 1972 had joined PDO till retirement! I had written […]

September 18

More Accolades For My Books!

More Accolades for My Books!  A       The Road Safety Books!                       1       Great Majid! Pleased to see the positive reactions on the impact and value of your books. Have just spent the last 3 days discussing road and process safety. Regards, Raoul Restucci MD PDO […]

September 11

Accolades coming in for Arabic – Behind The Wheel!

Accolades coming in for Arabic – Behind The Wheel!                 *** Congratulations!  Mr.Majid!! Keep Up The Fine Works! A Real Welfare To The  Society…!! Regards, GM Indian (Assurances) ***  Dear Guru, Really a great job by publishing the book behind the wheel in Arabic. I went through it I […]

August 27

خلف عجلة القيادة Arabic – Behind The Wheel!

خلف عجلة القيادة أن تكون سائقًا آمِنًا ماجد السليماني  bethesafedriver.com myownmajid.com myown-ebooks.com    أُخِذت بقراءة الكتاب، حتى إنني أعدت التفكير في ما اعتقدت أني كنت أعرفه عن السلامة على الطريق. رئيس تنفيذي لشركة بريطانية تأثّرت كثيرًا بما ورد من قصص مأساوية مرعبة في الكتاب. مدير عام عماني تشير الإحصائيات إلى أن سلطنة عمان من بين […]

August 04

Arabic Book – Behind The Wheel! Available On Line!

Arabic – Behind The Wheel! Book Now Available On Line! You can go order here – http://www.createspace.com/4875352 The Book is now Available on Line. Price USA Dollars 28.00 Twenty Eight! http://www.createspace.com/4875352