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December 19

Need Sponsor and Top VIP for Launch of My Books!

Need Sponsor and Top VIP for Launch of My Books Presentation (21 books). See Here – https://myownmajid.com/2014/12/17/all-the-twenty-books-images/ I have ordered all my New Books and have stock of my Older Ones and now need to launch the books in Oman. My books here at 4 books on Arab Management (English) 3 books on Road Safety […]

December 17


ALL MY TWENTY ONE BOOKS!  Books by: –   Majid Al Suleimany      December 1, 2014 http://www.myownmajid.com http://www.myown-ebooks.com http://www.majidbooks.com  eBooks Highlighted   The End of My Columns! 21     http://www.createspace.com/5154908   Goodbye; Between Us Only! 20      http://www.createspace.com/5085322   Writing: My Passion! 19      http://www.createspace.com/5083875   The Arab Manager! The Call! (eBook also) 18     http://www.createspace.com/5071159   All About My […]