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August 07

Texting Whilst Driving? Watch This Video!

Texting Whilst Driving? Watch This Video!  

March 19

Should The State Name Our Children?

Should The State Name Our Children? My granddaughter born over 3 months ago still remains ‘officially as unnamed’ – though the choice by her parents was Sibel. See what Sibel means here – **** This is me playing with my new granddaughter ‘Sibel’ – which the Authorities still refuse to accept because is ‘not Omani […]

February 27

The Oman FM Radio Interview Song!

The Oman FM Radio Interview Song! VIDEO Double Click it to open See also here – Please Enjoy! Best Regards, Majid Al Suleimany

February 11

More Nice Inspirational Videos here!

Respect Your Parents! Nice Video!

Respect Your Parents! Nice Video Link! Double Click To Open!   Respect and Esteem Your Parents! In short the son agitated on the father asking what is that? A bird! The Father brings in a diary showing how many times the son asked the same questions as a child – but the father […]

Power of Words – Nice Video!

Power of Words – Nice Video! Double Click To Open! Enjoy! Majid Al Suleimany

The Most Beautiful Road Safety Video!

The Most Beautiful Road Safety Video!     Double Click To Open Above Link to Enjoy! Best Regards Majid Al Suleimany