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June 08

What They Said About My Books!

What They Said About My Books!

December 06

The Second Book! The End of My Columns!

The Second Final Book! The End of My Columns! No More – Between Us Only! Goodbye; Between Us Only! My New Book!      About The Book! I        PREFACE This book is the 11th book in The Series – Between Us Only! And my 21st book so far. It is recommended that this book be […]

October 24

Majid Al Suleimany All 16 Books!

Majid Al Suleimany All My 16 Books! My 16 Books! All The Books Double Click Above & Save The File! All My 16 Books! 16     A Sense of Déjà Vu! – Between Us Only! – From The Original Book! – 15    The Final Touch Down! – Final Book – Between Us Only! – 14    Between Us Only! – […]

All About My 14 Books!

All About My Books (14)! Direct Ordering of My Books! October 10, 2014 Starting with the Most New!  1         Between Us Only! The Original Book (Redo)!    Between Us Only! Series Books!     2        What They Said About My Book! My Books Reviews & Accolades!    All My Books Reviews, […]

September 19

My Books Press Lukewarm Coverage!

To A High VIP on My Books Lukewarm Coverage in Media and Acceptance  My Books Icons   To A High VIP on My Books Lukewarm Coverage in Media and Acceptance AAWW – After Compliments I talked to my USA Publishers about our discussions yesterday on my books.  Quote Dear Mr. Suleimany Thanks for your email […]

June 28

Message To My Fans & Readers!

Message To My Fans & Readers! Dear All & After Compliments; Ramadhan Kareem! Whenever I go out (which is rarely nowadays!) and in social gatherings – I get the same questions – again and again – as to when my articles in Between Us Only! series in The Oman Daily Observer will resume? Or if […]

May 09

PDO Talents Show May 12, 2014 – Display of My Books!

REMIND – PDO Talents Show May 12, 2014 – Display of My Books! Pleased to inform you that my books will be displayed on that day as belonging to The PDO Family as Retirees. It will start with a small presentation on how I started writing and ending in 10 books – 2 in […]

February 16

This is now Goodbye! End of My Columns!

I have now stopped writing for The Oman Daily Observer! Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened!   – Dr. Seuss No one can make you feel inferior without your consent! – Eleanor Roosevelt Dear Readers, Fans and All; I have reached a stage now in my life that I sincerely and genuinely feel that it […]

February 08

My Own FM Radio Interview!

PLEASE LISTEN TO THE AUDIO WITH CHILDREN AND FAMILY! My Oman FM Radio Interview! Majid FM Talk Double Click To Open! Please listen with your children family – embedding reading habits in our children!  Thanks, Best Regards  Majid Al Suleimany Under interactive guidance of Producer Hatim Abdul Salaam, I was interviewed Live on Tuesday 21st […]

January 25

Books Survey – Please Participate!

  My Books Survey! Please Participate! Go Here – Dear All & After Compliments;  Appreciate any feedbacks that you may have! Click the link above.   And then NEXT  See Books List below  Best Wishes and Regards,  Majid Al Suleimany Being The Safe Driver! Direct Ordering of My Books  Books Websites –   […]