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November 13

My New Books Now in eBooks Kindle!

My New Books Are Soon Going To Be Available as eBooks in Kindle (Amazon)! – Kindle Direct Publishing!  ALL MY BOOKS PDF DOUBLE CLICK TO OPEN! All About My 19 Books To Date  ALL MY BOOKS PDF DOUBLE CLICK TO OPEN! The other remaining books will be done at a later stage! Insha Allah! […]

October 10

All My Books! How To Order!

All About My Books (14)! Direct Ordering of My Books! October 10, 2014 Starting with the Most New!  1         Between Us Only! The Original Book (Redo)!    Between Us Only! Series Books!     2        What They Said About My Book! My Books Reviews & Accolades!    All My Books Reviews, […]

April 18

A Great Author Has Died!

A Great Author Has Died! Gabriel José de la Concordia García Marquez Image Late Gabriel Presidents and fellow writers have been paying tribute to Nobel prize-winning Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez who has died in Mexico aged 87. The author was considered one of the greatest Spanish-language writers, best known for his masterpiece of magical […]