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Author, Writer and Columnist – Sultanate of Oman – OM

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Began his columns ten years ago with The Oman Daily Observer.

Credit of 8 books (eight) by him. 2 in Arab Management – and 1 in Road Safety. Rest for his columns. 

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My Road Safety Website at www.bethesafedriver.com

He has worked for over twenty-five years as a human resources professional, mainly with Petroleum Development Oman, as well as having served a stint in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. He has also worked for over ten years as a management consultant, expert, and advisor. Al Suleimany holds an MBA in International Management, which he earned in the UK.

He started writing as a hobby when he was only fourteen years old, and his first project in writing, My Most Vivid Dream, won him an award outside Oman. He is married with three daughters and son (married). His first born daughters were twins (married with children). His youngest daughter is an Engineering Graduate in Electricity and Electronics – and the other children are in Marketing and Accountancy respectively. His wife is soon to retire as an executive secretary with Petroleum Development Oman.