About My Other Previous Websites


About My Other Web Sites and Blogs


S/N Website / Blog Notes (Email Used)
01 www.mas-trac.com Main Business and Professional Website.
02 www.alsuleimany.com Original – Main Website and Portal
03 www.majidsuleimany.com NEW ONE – Main Website and Portal
04 www.betweenusonly.com New for Between Us Only! Column (The Oman Daily Observer).
05 www.majidbooks.com Main Majid Books


S/N Website / Blog Notes (Email Used)
01 www.mas-trac.blogspot.com Spare Business – Management Services – Training and Consultancy
02 www.majidmybooks.wordpress.com Majid Books 1
03 www.majidalsuleimanybooks.blogspot.com Majid Books 2
04 www.majidalsuleimanybooks.weebly.com Majid Books 3
05 www.majidbooks.wordpress.com Majid Books 4
06 www.majidalsuleimanybooks.blogspot.com Majid Books 4
07 www.betweenusonly.wordpress.com Spare for The Oman Daily Observer – See Main A.06 one
08 www.majidattheworkplace.com Ex Muscat Daily Column
09 www.majidmylead.wordpress.com All The Sensitive Types
10 www.majidtouch.wordpress.com All Majid Touch Feelings Articles
11 www.majidfeel.weebly.com Another Majid Touch Feelings Site
12 www.mylatemother.weebly.com My Late Mother PBUH
13 www.majidmanagementconcepts.blogspot.com My Management Ideas and Concepts
14 www.majidalsuleimany.blogspot.com About myself (Family) in Photos and Images – to keep for remembrances.
15 www.theofficecry.blogspot.com All Offices work places related issues and problems
S/N Website / Blog Notes (Email Used)
16 www.majidalsuleimany.wordpress.com More About MeControl Main 1
17 www.alsuleimany.blogspot.comAl Suleimany Remember Us. Al Suleimany Family Photos including Late Parents (Peace Be Upon Them Etc) – and The Old Gone Days!
18 www.majidmyvideos.blogspot.com All Family Videos
19 www.majidalldeen.blogspot.com ALL RELIGIOS DEEN ONES One
20 www.majidalldeen.blogspot.com ALL RELIGIOS DEEN ONES Two
21 www.majidliveandletlive.blogspot.com The ME Situation (Gaza Blockade)
22 www.burninghomes.blogspot.com Marital and Social Problems – Domestic and Family Problems

As at June 8th 2010 – File All The Websites.doc

*** When You Have So Much Time On Your Hands – and To Keep Your Sanity and The Mind Occupied, Busy and Active – Always Keep Your Cool, Calm and Remain Collected – Before You Lose It All!

*** Be who you are and say what you feel; because those who mind don’t matter; and those who matter, don’t mind!

– Dr. Seuss – Writer, Cartoonist and Animator.

**** When wealth is lost – nothing is lost

When health is lost – something is lost

But when character and integrity is lost – Everything is Lost!

Billy Graham

**** Not everything in Life that Counts can be Counted – Anon.