Psychology of Arab Management Thinking! New Kindle!

Psychology of Arab Management Thinking!

New Kindle Version!

About The Book!

October 29th 2018

Written in a frank, open, and honest approach, Author Majid Al Suleimany’s Psychology of Arab Management Thinking: Arabian Management Series exposes his personal viewpoint on the critical realities about Arab Management, candidly admitting he has no intention to harm anyone.
This book is a soul searching and critical evaluation of one’s own people—admiring the culture and importance of work in his religion – and the pitfalls and lacklustre attitude of the managers viewed in the perspective of the principles of management. He points out important ideas with a focus, desire and objective to learn, correct and give remedy to any mistake.

A must-read first-time book written by an Arab (GCC) Management Author and with the aim and focus for improvement in the especially Arab Management process!

This is a book that calls a spade as a spade – and spares no one – including The Author himself! Only a person who cares and feels for you will tell you The Truth! So here goes!

The Original Book won Amazon USA and The USA Review of Books Gold Seal of Literary Excellence 2014

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• Paperback: 539 pages
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• ISBN-13: 978-1724128768
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