New Book – DAFINA – Hazina Ya Ki Swahili!

Dafina – Hazina ya KiSwahili!

By Al Hajj Abdullah Salim Seif Al Habsy

October 16, 2018

Book Dafina – Click Below!

This book was presented to me by The Author himself! It is a marvellous book that compiles together all the famous Swahili expressions and sayings that are used in East Africa – including metaphors, puzzles, riddles, jokes. poems etc. The subjects are arranged alphabetically and easy to find!

The beauty of the book is that no same expression or saying etc. is repeated in another alphabet! It is very clear that The Author must have spent hours and hours collecting and compiling his works! I would even recommend him to translate the book into both English and Arabic! The later especially as many expressions are similar – as Swahili language has about 60% – if not more! Arabic words! Like Maghrib to Magharibi in Swahili (evening)!

I fully support any Publishing Company to support the translation of the book – being myself an Author of 55 books – see me here at &

Sheikh Abdullah Al Habsy should be congratulated for his hard meticulous fantastic works! He has 7 other books in Swahili of varied topics waiting to be published!

Majid Al Suleimany – Muscat – Oman – October 16, 2018
Bibliographic information

Title Dafina: Hazina ya Kiswahili
Editor Abdullah Salim Seif Al Habsy
Publisher éditeur inconnu, 2012
ISBN 9976891725, 9789976891720
Length 446 pages
ISBN 978 9976-89-172-0


Editor Abdullah Salim Seif Al Habsy

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