Breaking News From Majid Al Suleimany!

Breaking News!

Yesterday Saturday night I had to go to Royal Hospital at 1 am at night due to stomach cramps and gastric food poisoning issues! My son in law Saleh and Madam Wife Safiya (Rashda) took me there! There was a big crowd there over there and as usual The Doctors and The Staff are best trying to cope under the circumstances!

It is amazing how The Hospital is functioning at its tightest circumstances with The Doctors and The Medical Staff stretched out to the maximum to provide required ethical essential professional services under the circumstances! We owe great gratitude and indebtedness to them in reality and being frank and honest here!

All my books were released this week into Kindle eBook format as also posted here – see – my books website! Books images also posted here in FB! I was very busy and did not watch My WhatsApp for the last 10 days!

Two days ago my wife Safiya was proposing for me to get married to one of our relatives in Zanzibar – as she thought I would be happier with A New Wife! Second (Formal) Wife! This after I had told her Im would really like to go and retire my Last Days on Earth in Zanzibar! 😂😍😁

I guess it was Allah God mysterious ways to get sick to force me to come to my senses after falling sick! Many of my peers left secure shores at home to spend their last days in Zanzibar to end being buried there or get their bodies returned to Oman!

I do not know if my wife was serious or just pulling my legs – to end in Haassiyd perhaps to end being sick!

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