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Why Write It?

First Posted May 30, 2010 by Between Us Only!

Why Write It?

v Be who you are and say what you feel; because those who mind don’t matter; and those who matter, don’t mind! – – Dr. Seuss – Writer, Cartoonist and Animator.
v Not Everything in Life that Counts – Can be Counted – Anon.
v When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.” – ~Alexander Graham Bell

For me, writing is just a hobby and a great pass-time. I had never planned and or imagined before to make a career or life in it – and to look for money in It! If it comes well and good, if not it will be just my own tears to shed – and no one else. I just stumbled into writing after the collapse of my Consultancy – to occupy my mind and retain my sanity more. Though admittedly, I have always had an ambition to be a Journalist – but missed to get the entrance to the Degree Course after my high Secondary School in Tanzania in the 1960s.

The thing that we supposed to be Writers face sometimes in the public is being called upon – and are sometimes cornered with people that want us to listen to their situation, woes and problems – and write about them – and in letting the public and the whole world know about it. There is a very thin dividing line between getting involved in issues and aspects that do not concern you the very least – and listening and getting involved in the first place.

I do not consider myself as that type of Journalist; I stumbled into writing more as a hobby writing about my own issues and experiences – than venturing out to write about others. Besides, I am not paid that enough to do that first of all! Besides the point I have noticed lately of Great Irresponsible Reporting – in capitalising minor and irrelevant issues that need not really be reported – to downsizing and minimising capital and great issues that remain unreported or ignored!

Admittedly, there is also this mean vicious streak that some of us are very good at – preventing and stopping others because we cannot be like them – or just the mean streak in us! Some people take great sadistic pleasure to ‘punish and reign in on others and in fixing others for good’. Actually they are just deluding themselves – live in a dream and fantasy world – and need to come down from their ‘high horses’ – and change their attitudes and approaches to life – specifically their attitudes of being so dastardly, mean, vicious, condescending, patronizing, demeaning and belittling! And taking things for granted and surety – because Nothing in Life is Permanent – except Death!

I admit I nearly fell in that trap of being the victim of such scheming – after experiencing a lot of rejections and slaps in the face – and on top the same people that thought that they could push me around – and I would turn the other cheek – or play dead! Because I was in need and being desperate – so to speak!

Also those that are refusing to cover and support My Books – from all sides and quarters – from Private and to Public Domains too! I guess if I wrote on butterflies or rocks – or I was a Foreigner – and especially A Pretty one to look at – I would have got All the Support and Co-operation that I needed – but not to me as a Local writing on sensitive pertinent real live delicate issues – hard hitting – and calling A Spade as A Spade approach – with 5 books and 2 in Management – even if such books are scarce written by Locals and in English too!

Besides, people Do Not Want to hear or to be told The Truth – or for it to be told to others – and to push all the dirt under The Carpet – so to speak. I am not cut that way – and Never Will Be! It is like trying to stop a plane that is taking off – and end with disastrous effects as evidenced recently too!

Our late parents (peace be upon them) have brought us up never to lie – and Speak The Truth Always – and as is in our Family genes too! We need to open our eyes and deep self analyse – soul search ourselves – what we are doing now! Do not wait till the time when The Lord Will ask you!

Take Care!

By Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany


Drawings by Raadheesh!