To Many That Had Supported Me & My Books! From The Archives!

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To Many That Had Supported Me In My Books!
A – To Many That Had Supported Me – Many Thanks!

Dear All & After Compliments;

I extend my personal thanks, appreciation and gratitude to many that had encouraged and supported me in my Books especially from friends, relatives, contacts, fans and others. Including individual and personal thanks from HEs, HHs, CEOs, GMs, MDs, Directors etc

My Special Thanks go to those that had sent me support and encouragement – and will not mention lest I miss by name by error (Big List!).

But I have to mention the following establishments anyway.

1      The Oman Daily Observer Features Team Original Team! Especially HE Said & HE Fahmi & TT Joseph – Jo! And  so               Many Others!

2.      Muscat Daily Features Team.

3.      Deepak and InteracOman (Books Designers) – and Oman Vistas Team

4.      Family Bookshop Then!

5.      Borders Bookshops Then!

6.      Turtles Bookshops  (WH Smith)Then!

7      Brother Emad Al Mantheri – MISC – for giving me the site and

8.      All kind words of support and encouragement from many – both Omanis and Expatriates.

9.      The Publishers in USA and Canada – Trafford – BookSurge ( &                                     an USA Amazon Company! Including My Books Publishing Agents – many – some that had                 developed personal relationships & rapport – including one lady Jewish – but She liked What I Write!

10.    PDO Petroleum Development Oman Raoul Restucci & The Management Team – For Supporting Translation &                    Printing of Behind The Wheel – Arabic – Also buying my books for The                                Management Library!

Also for allowing my books to be presented on PDO Talents Day 19 April 2018! Kind Comforting Words from                       especially Raoul Restucci & The Public Affairs Department under Abdul Ameir Al Ajmi!

11     Dr. Mohamed Al Barwani – Chairman MB Group – For Book One – Between Us Only! – Printing & Publishing!

12     Daleel Petroleum – For First Edition Printing & Publishing – see 10 Above PDO.

13     Certain Professors & Associates from Several Universities in Oman & UK especially!

14     Many who bought the books more as just to ‘help me’ rather than really interested to read them! Some were really            interested to do so!

15      Certain HH & HE and VIP who may prefer to remain anonymous – who actually asked for my books – including                   certain GM MD – both local & foreign in Oman!

16      My Readers & Fans! Some who have also died – RIP PBU Them! Including FEW Family & Relatives in their support!

18      Engineer Ahmed Al Mazrui – GM MISC Sohar – Need Special Page for him! My Greatest Supporter all around!

17       Anyone I had missed by default or inadvertently! Not forgetting The Special Ladies who really liked My Books! (I                  think!)

My only wish and prayers are that there are more of such that do lend support, help, assistance, cooperation in pursuit of Human Resources Development, Talents, Innovation, Entrepreneurship in our Beloved Oman Nation – God Bless Them (Amin).

And for those that closed their doors to me (including whispering at the windows too!) I can only say that we as Muslims do believe that RIZQ (Our Livelihood) only comes from God (Allah) – but sometimes we humans mistakenly and inadvertently think that it comes from us and we decide and control peoples’ future and fate – and some are Loud Speakers – a lot of empty and useless talk – but lack Action – Credibility and Esteem – and are only Empty Words, Distort, Lies and Rhetoric.

I have now published 5 books (Ist Publishing Costs by MB Petroleum and PetroGas) – 4 books on my own accounts – without a single Baizas from anybody else!

That is how determined I am in wanting to make it for myself!

Sometimes we humans think we are God and control other peoples’ lives, destiny, future and prospects – but that just puts us in The Great Sinners List and Eternal Damnation List only!

Their true behaviours and actions betray them….

Sadly some of them are supposed to be also from the High Profile and Respectable echelons of Society too.

That is what makes it more sad and pathetic shame only!

I am hurt and pained more from those that I had sent my books but did not even acknowledge A Simple Thank You – and those I kept following for support closing the doors (and windows) in front of my face!!

It cannot be ’sour grapes’ here – because many actually did support me anyhow – and I am indebted and eternal grateful …….!!!!!

Anyway, I forgive them – because my Trust and Faith is only in God (Allah SWT) – and nobody else. Some of them used to be good and honest peoples – but they have changed because they have more Baizas in their Dishdashas and Suits – Drive Bigger Cars and Live In Bigger Villas (See here Lost Advices and Counsels).


Best Wishes and Regards,

Majid Said Nasser al Suleimany

1 – Author, Writer and Columnist.

2 – Human Resources and Management Professional, Expert, Advisor and Consultant.

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