Comments Feedback on My Books! February 20, 2008! 10 Years Ago!

February 20, 2010.

Article – Omani Authors Lack Support! – See Here in Pages.
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Thank you for your Present of Psychology of Arab Management Thinking Book. You really talk deeply and with great understanding to human nature – you are lucky to be you and every word you say is making great sense and meaning. I really think you are smarter than doing an Office work only – I will continue to pray for you that greater things come your way – Amin – Omani Senior High Official.

From A Very Good Friend And Supporter – Dear Bro. Majid – If Omani Authors are supported, so it is an indication that we have a huge change in thinking !!! >> Change is always the hardest or reluctant to happen due to dominant thoughts of resistance to change !!! – May Allah Opens for you all gates of his care and may Allah send us miracle towards changing these dominant thoughts – AMIN.

From A Very Good friend and fellow Omani Publisher (in Arabic!)

I too had a very rough time publishing books ….. (Details of books and local raw treatment received deleted )…. The only local bookstore that accepted it is Family Bookstore, and publishers around the Gulf were not keen to test it. It was much easier to go with proven western writers – and even their translate works into Arabic than risk a book written by someone from the Arab world. Publishers in Lebanon and Egypt, however, encouraged me, and asked me to write a series.
So we clearly live in a 3000 km of no book zone, people simply don’t read, and when they do, it is fictional trash and not necessarily high end literature or even what interests their kids, and God forbid that they trust an Arab for giving advice on business practice.

So please do not be too disappointed! It is true that if one does not spend or find sponsors for the first 1000 books sold, it’s going to be very hard to sell the idea to local publishers. So my suggesting to you is to target big name Egyptian and Lebanese publishers, and translate your book in Arabic. The numbers in Egypt alone justify your trouble. Kind regards – God Bless.


These are great books in my opinion and having seen the contents, there is a lot to learn. Mabrook and God Bless you – Omani Senior Bank Official.

Thank you for the support – I will read the Books Information Details that you sent and will send you my views – Omani General Manager (Lady).

I read your emails, and am interested in helping you publish your valuable books, please do not feel bad about the general in publisher behaviour, since you wrote a book in Psychology of Arab Management Thinking, and so by now you should expect the positive and negative respond. I think it is good idea to translate these books to Arabic, will it be possible to give your approval for the translation? I will forward your request to interested publishers here and hoping to find positive respond – UNESCO AGCC Senior Official.

Thank you for the Book Coverage article. It’s very nice and well written synopsis of the book. All the best. Yours Brother –


I read your article then I read it more slowly the second time. It is sad but not surprising (for you not to get the support you need as An Omani Author – despite all the Press Coverage on SMEs and Human Resources Development!).

Writers all over the world have experienced and continue to experience the same dilemma. And the sad truth is people do feel jealous of those they know. Normally there are more readers for English books then Arabic.

Pick up any Arabic book and you will see that the number of copies printed is often less than 1000. And as for books on human behaviour sciences, or the sort of stuff you write, I doubt if there could be more than a handful of readers. As a friend I would advise: Do not give up, be persistent.

You enjoy writing so keep on the good work. Forget about making money from writing. No one has made money from writing except ex-presidents and the like. Look for support outside your country, i.e. Europe and the USA, using the Internet as a tool to approach.

Above all do not get disheartened!

The attached poem which I composed a couple of years ago is an indication of the true nature of human beings.
Good luck and best regards my friend. I miss you and I miss your jokes and laughter. Here is a joke to cheer you up – Ex Work Peer (And Very Good Friend – Omani)

Thank you so much for the book present – I am really happy that I see you yesterday. I am a very shy person – but your gesture really touched my heart. I am very happy to have known you! Thank you for the nice compliment words to me in your book – I hope all the best for you – God Speed – Kind regards – Ex Company Omani Secretary.

Brother Majid, – Thank you for the book and surely will visit the site. – Omani Engineer General Manager

Dear Majid (!)
I think if your finances were in order you would not have this problem (of wanting Financial Support), why do you always blame others for your problems? I think that is the main issue if you really know where the problem is then you would solve it , but please stop blaming others – Regards (!) From a DGM Bank

I am calling to thank you for dedicating that article to me in your book. I talked to my husband and told him that here is a person with great feelings, touch and humanity – and who cares for people – and always wants to help others as much as he possibly can. He read my article – and he agreed with me.

After being so sick, and your such nice and comforting words to me – I feel great to have known you in my life – and I will always remember this great honourable kind gesture to me so long as I live.

I am now getting better – thanks to friends like you! God Bless You and Your family – Amin – Omani Secretary Ex Company (Sick).


1- I am an independent Polish Journalist preparing a text on Oman for one of our daily papers. So far I have had a pleasure to visit your beautiful country twice. With great interest I read your text Why Omanize? in Muscat Daily (Mon, 4 Jan 2010). Do you think you could send me links to other recent publications on the subject? Your text in Muscat Daily I read while being in Oman. I would be very grateful for your help.
2- Many thanks for your prompt reply and the webpage – a real goldmine of information. Need time to digest it all, – Polish Journalist (on visit to Oman).

Looking forward as always to immerse myself in your A Cry for Help! and to shed a tear or a bucket full. Hope you have bared it all – Frank & Forthright – the usual Majid way . Fortune always favours the brave – A Great Indian Fan.
Greetings, I cannot forget you, which is something next to impossible!!!! Specially a person who has given so many wonderful adjectives which I definitely do not deserve. I can just remember one old saying Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder; it’s your wonderful thoughts that make me a good secretary. People like you make my life worthwhile. God bless you all and keep you happy and safe. May almighty fulfil all your wishes and keep you away from all evil. – From An Indian Secretary

Thank you Majid, You too, May ALLAH, Support, you – Amin.

I am not a writer, but I faced difficulties in life, I will try to write something to you, so you can elaborate and write it in a better way – Thank you – UNESCO Official (Qatar)

Dear Majid – I want to tell you what I think and what is in my mind. I try to find out the answer to this critical fundamental question as to why your excellent works are unappreciated and unrecognised. In my mind the possible answer has to be because of what you are and your writing in English (putting it delicately!) but I think more is what you are writing which to many would prefer that you did not and push the dirt under the carpet – or not to be said. Or as we like to say – Wash our dirty linen in public!

Your style of saying things in truth and calling a spade a spade irritates and upset many.

For example, I see Press and Media coverage of other products on lesser issues – or even on National Ones your name is not incorporated because they have no trust and confidence in you and what you may write! This part is very sad and unfortunate.

I find that though you too are a qualified professional experienced Omani with expertise etc that our country needs – you are still without a job or assignment – despite all the talks of Human Resources Development!
Like I have talked to you before, one day your works will be recognised – but may unfortunately be too late for you my friend – like the other great Authors, Artists and Scientists. Should one give up – surrender and join the majority ignorant follow-the-tide group. Certainly I cannot see that in you Majid.

My advice is to remain astute and resilient – and do not give up! They may play all dirty games against you to make you seen to be bad – or to weaken your resolution, will and determination.

Just Do Not Give Up! – Because Allah is with good kind and considerate people like you – and speak out the truth for good purposes and intention. Allah Maak! — Omani GM (A Good Friend).

Thank you very much for these sad stories but they do teach us a lot, I wish my grandchildren could read them. But reading stories or books are very rare with the modern day children, they waste a lot of time in texting, Twittering or Facebook etc. What a pity!- An Ex Colleague.

Thanks Majid .- Good sense of humour and you always write what you face in your day to day real life – A Relative (Friend).
I like this article very much. Thanks for sharing – European Fan.

Thank you for the article you sent me ! You are right – I did cry! – USA Fan.

Do you need more?

All The Best Wishes and Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany

February 20, 2010.

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