So You Do Not Recognise Me?

So You Do Not Recognise Me?

“Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”

From the famous greeting of Henry Morton Stanley upon locating David Livingstone in Africa!


Dr.David Livingstone!

 When we were studying History in Tanzania they used to mock that many British Discoverers to Africa put claims of finding discovering this and that place – but when it actually existed already from times immemorial! As if they finding them made the place now exists!

I put the same metaphor (misnomer) for those still ‘Not Finding My Books!’

Frankly, it does not matter! Others do! Even from USA and Others!

Does not bother me anymore!

Read below!

Subject: Not a Wasted Word: Thanks, Majid!

Hello Majid,

Recording our personal and collective histories, passing down or creating the next generation’s stories, and documenting what we’ve learned are among the world’s most timeless traditions.

Whether you wrote your book for an audience of one or for a bestseller list, you contributed to history by publishing it.

As we reflect on the past year, we here at CreateSpace in Charleston, South Carolina, are thankful you gave us the opportunity to share in just a small part.

Keep writing.

The Create Space Team


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Muscat International Book Fair at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre!

Yesterday I was talking to a long friend of mine about whether my books are displayed at The Above!

I explained to him that last year my books were displayed with Family Bookshop but the guy who was promoting my books from their Shop Mr. Abdul Aziz (Nice Friend Indian) has left the place and it is understood that they have either closed down now or immensely streamlined! The last bookshop bastion in Oman! It is so sad and tragic!

Anyway even last year very few copies were sold because all my books (with exception of Book one in Oman) are published in USA. The freight charges from USA are very expensive – and my cheapest book is OMR 12 Twelve. And that at minimal profit to me after The Bookshops commission rate at 35% per book. So my profit is hardly 2 to 3 Rials at best per book!

I got a call from Sharjah of a British fan who wanted to know if my books were being displayed at the show because he wanted to buy The Arab Management Books for his University Students he teaches!

I told him if the numbers are good I could order for him direct from USA and directly delivered to him and will be cheaper to him without the Bookshop commission to add to. With my Author Commission if large numbers ordered – usually 5 copies per book! He wanted few copies only – so I told him better to order directly on line!

At least PDO and Daleel Petroleum supported translating The Road Safety Book and first publications. My books also won The Famous USA Gold Seal of Literary Excellence 2013 and 2014 and so many accolades from home and abroad including Professors and Doctorates – let alone some in HH and HEs too!

There is a Swahili saying that goes on like this – Anaye Kunyima Mbaazi Ana Kupunguziya Mishuuzi tu! (Sorry!) Means the one who denies you beans – has just reduced your farts (Sorry!) 🙂

I must admit in the past it used to bother me – but now it does not!

A relative from UK was shocked to see my books – he said even it was Tanzania my books would be famous! Maybe consider outside GCC for a Change – as the books are in English – and The Truth Sensitiveness and refusing to push the dirt under the carpet or others in washing our dirty linen in public! 🙂

A good work mate peer visited me in the house and advised Madam Wife to SAFE KEEP my books – because one day when I am dead and gone people will start looking for my books – especially with the things I had cautioned and advised in sincerity and genuineness happening!

Nothing has changed much to date – and we will still continue the same with The Jealousies Envies Bad Hearts and Haassiydyns! We do not value our own but others!

And Omanis cannot write Intellectual Challenging books in English – because we are not educated or high profile – so why stock their books in English!

At best they are good in writing children books or if lucky poems and novels only! But not The Real Challenging Stuff! Or books definitely in English! English? You must be joking! They can never write good books in English – even The English Speaking ones! 😦

It is s sad disheartening – and our Indian friends controlling The Omani English media make sure this is happening! And control us in other ways too, That is why Al Bhaj Oman and Jashanamal Dubai – both refused my books – even on a trial basis. Even in KSA!

Besides, I HAVE NEVER EVER CONSIDERED Writing as a Business venture! It was more my hobby and passion – and to put my ideas and thinking in format – so my grandchildren and their grandchildren can read them! SO THERE!! 😦

Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you make no money! – Jules Renard

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My Contributions to The Nation!

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The 22nd edition of Muscat International Book Fair at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Center

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Hasbiya Allah Wa Naymat Wakyll! Al Hamdu Lillah!