Not a Wasted Word!

Message from My USA Books Publishers CreateSpace – An Amazon Company!

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Message from My USA Books Publishers CreateSpace – An Amazon Company!

Not a Wasted Word: Thanks, Majid!

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Hello Majid,

Recording our personal and collective histories, passing down or creating the next generation’s stories, and documenting what we’ve learned are among the world’s most timeless traditions.

Whether you wrote your book for an audience of one or for a bestseller list, you contributed to history by publishing it.

As we reflect on the past year, we here at CreateSpace in Charleston, South Carolina, are thankful you gave us the opportunity to share in just a small part.

Please do keep writing!  Never ever give up!

The CreateSpace Team


The Habit of Reading!

This is the world always! 5000 years ago the belly dancer used to earn more than the writer. . The drummer earns more than the Baker, carpenter* and black Smith.

If you invite Einstein today for a science seminar and then invite a naked woman for a press conference, the public would leave Einstein and his science and gather around the naked woman.

This is not our fault.

Its all because most of the people run after their fantasy and desires.

Therefore they encourage the silly issues and run away from serious issues – Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud


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