In Oman (GCC) There Is No Money (Support) In Books!

In Oman (GCC) here Is No Money (Support) In Books! (Reposted!)

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There Is No Money (Support) In Books! (Reposted!)

There was an Indian lady who called me a few days back saying there was a book exhibition set for November 21st to 23rd in Muscat and whether I would be interested to make a presentation on my books? She heard about me from one famous Omani Columnist (who is still writing – unalike me, that is!).

She asked for my email to send The Invitation. To date this invitation has not been received.

There was a new Bookshop (Al Bhaj Bookshops in MBD – also Indian run – after Family Bookshop had closed down!). We made a lot of discussions but in the end it went The Jashanmal way too! Sadly, in our own country to an Omani Writer and Author too!

What more can I say now?

It seems that our in Oman Indian Media Controlled (and their affiliations in Old Guards and The Mafias!) do not want to push and promote Omani Authors and Writers who dare to write Facts and The Truth – especially if it is not in their favour!

They will write about Indian Writers and Authors – and also Non Omani Non Arab – but just ignore belittle and marginalise us instead! Because we have n Talents, Innovation and Skills – especially in writing!

Your guess is well as mine how long these things will continue and The Authorities & Leadership and as they do not care, bother and reign on these things to continue unabated!

What goes around; comes around!

We have to Be Afraid! Of The Punishment on Earth (to ourselves or those near us!) and The Grave and The Day of Reckoning (Judgement)!

From Allah God we come and to Him we return – and in life everyone is responsible for one’s action or inaction – and or inadvertently!

Allah Kareem – God Is Great! Ameen Amen

There Is No Money In Books Writing (Publishing)!

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There Is No Money In Books Writing (Publishing)!

Or also – Why I am giving up now and with White Flag waving now surrendering!

A few days back, a Senior Corporate Official (now retired!) had visited me at home to check on my health after he had learnt I had a Prostate Operation and was admitted in ICU at Royal Hospital early this year of 2016!

I showed him My Home Library where I keep my 47 books (46 English and the one in Arabic on Road Safety Novel Book – sponsored by PDO in translation and in publishing!). He was really impressed and wondered out aloud why The Society is not aware of the achievements – and if aware – why there was No Support to such talents, skills and innovation in Literary Circles in the country!

He was shocked beyond belief that even The Road Safety Books – even supported by PDO – was getting lukewarm reception – even from The Authorities and NGOs involved in Road Safety Awareness – which with the way we are driving – especially The Youth – and Our Future too – we need these books badly! His own words repeated here!

He also wondered why The Higher Education Institutions in The Country (and GCC) were not after My Arab Management Books – as Reference Books – as there are few books written in Arab Management and In English and by The Locals themselves – as there are VERY FEW of such books!

He got the shocks more when I told him that Jashanmal – The UAE Books Sellers and Agents – had returned ALL MY BOOKS SAMPLES – saying they cannot stock or distribute these books!

I have also explained here on Family Bookshops have closed down in Oman where they stocked my books! WHSmith – we had differences with their Sales Team – one person who enjoys our hospitality of Oman welcome and reception – but I personally think he is ‘against any talents demonstrated by locals to shine!

I complained to The Omani Owners – but in the end I had to give up! Surrender with White Flag – as we had surrendered in The Zanzibar Bloody Revolution – where Omanis especially were butchered in cold blood – and we had to line up and bow down to a not even Muslim person from the island! Our Great Friends and Protectors left us in the lurch – and betrayed us!

So The Great Person said to me – The Only Reason I can see is that People in High Places especially – Do NOT LIKE what you are writing! And even if ‘they support you on The Road Safety Books – it will lead to the other books recognition – which they feel impotent not to Stop –as you publish in USA – and it worries them that you may involve The USA Embassy etc. if they do that!

It seems there are are strenuous concerted efforts to keep you down – to muffle and marginalise you – as if you do not exist – and there are no values or esteem in your books – and what you have written!

They prefer you to ‘push the dirt under the ‘stinking carpet’ – or why wash the dirty linen in public! In this strive, there are our own too – The Old Guards – and The Mafias – and started even in killing your columns even – because you say and speak The Bitter and Painful Truth!

It started also in your job career and prospects – and now is in Your Books too! So sad and tragic!
Because like you always say too – No one can defeat a person who never gives up! – Babe Ruth! And writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you make no money! – Jules Renard! And so many others as in your websites – and main Books one at

So I asked him – Tell me! What should I do now? Should I give up – and just wave The White Flag of Surrender? He was so confused and perplexed – and gave me blank disbelief stares! He did not even touch the dates and fruits – and declined even the cup of coffee!

He just told me – Keep good place your books. Preserve and Safe keep them!

One day people will be looking for them desperately! Maybe it may not be in your life time – but trust me – it will happen! As it has happened to many others in Oman – found and revered posthumously even! Trust me – he said!

Just to Share With You Please!

Best wishes and regards,
Majid Al Suleimany

April 22, 2016

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