Between Us Only! The Sequel Books! After The Columns Had Got Ended!!

Between Us Only! The Sequel Books (After The Columns Had Ended!).

After the columns were unceremoniously ended – mainly based on a trifle technicality! – these books went to publication after the columns got ended!

They will certainly one day be a Collector’s Items! In a way the Columns never got ended – but got published in a permanent format!

7A - BUO ST 3 8A - BUO TS 3 9A - Wipe My Tears 13A - What They Said  14A - Between Us Only New 15A - A Sense of Deja vu 17A - About My Books 19A - Writing My Passion 20A - Goodbye BUO 21A - End Columns

Total Ten Books! Thank You – Oman Daily Observer!

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The Books – Starting From End!

 The End of My Columns!

Goodbye; Between Us Only!

Writing: My Passion!       

All About My Books!        

A Sense of Deja vu!          

The Final Touch Down!            http://www.createspace.comw/5058112

Between Us Only! Re-do!

What They Said About My Books!

The Sequel – 3!                  

Short Takes – 2!                          www,



 My Books Ideal For The Teenagers and Young Readers!

2A - Short Takes 3A - The Sequel 24A - My Short Takes 23A  - The Sequel BUO   Short Takes! (Choice 1)                  The Sequel! (Choice 2 – Limited copies!         The Sequel Book!        My Short Takes!

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