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A             Original Book!

Between Us Only!

Published in Oman March 2005

1A - Between Us Only!

Books Redo – Books New Editions

15A - A Sense of Deja vu  14A - Between Us Only New

New Editions 2015 – A Sense of Déjà vu! – Between Us Only! Re-do!

  Front Cover The New Books

 B             Short Takes! Between Us Only!

First Published – November 5 2008 USA

2A - Short Takes

 Front Cover

 24A - My Short Takes

 First Edition – My Short Takes!


C             The Sequel! Between Us Only!

First Published – November 4 2008


Front Cover

 First Edition – The Sequel!

 Between Us Only!

 3A - The Sequel

  Front Cover


D             Psychology of Arab Management Thinking!

 First Published – November 8 2008

 4A - Psychology Book  USA Golden Seal

    Front Cover

 22 - The Arab Manager - Psychology 

Front Cover

First Edition

The Arab Manager: Psychology, Outlook and Thinking!

 E              A Cry For Help!

 Arab Management

 First Published – August 29 2009

 5A - A Cry For Help!








Front Cover

 New Edition

  The Arab Manager! The Call!

 18A - The Call

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