June 05

The Story of My Life! My Autobiography Books! (New)

The Story of My Life! My Autobiography Books! (New)

Read all about me! You can order the books direct – or place orders for these books – the New Ones that came out now – and previous ones with Family Bookshops in Oman.

I have some copies at home. You can email me at mymajidbooks@gmail.com or majidbooks@mymajidwrite.com and majidbooks@majidalsuleimany.com Price for these books is OMR 17/000 – Seventeen!



29A - New Cover This 30A - New Cover This BookCoverImage[1] - Copy

1      2     3

www.createspace.com/5444387 – The Story of My Life! (Twin Copy Below) – 1

www.createspace.com/5453424 – My Autobiography! (Those who know me as Magic Man!) – 2

www.createspace.com/5537092 – You will like this! Full & Up to date! – 3

More information here – http://www.omaniauthors.com – and at http://www.myownmajid.com

Read all about me!

Best wishes and regards,

Majid Al Suleimany

Be The Safe Driver!


Muscat – Oman – June 5th 2015 –

2 days before my birthday on June 7th.