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  • Thank you for your email and thank you for being nice and patient to us. It is my great pleasure talking and assisting an excellent Author. I learned a lot from you Majid, you are frank and honest to me. I apologize for the inconvenience once again – The Books Publisher USA.
  • Please just feel sorry for those people who are trying to undermine and marginalise you – they do not know what they are doing – because this ship has already sailed! – Senior Public Official (Retired)

For a very long time now, I have been contemplating on writing this book ‘as my Obituary and Epitaph’ – but have always kept it at arm’s length – as many people believe it is a sort of foresight, omen and prophesy of ‘inviting one’s end – sooner than expected!

This is my 29th book – and after 6 books on Arab Management, 3 on Road Safety, 12 on my Columns Writings ‘Between Us Only!’ and ‘At My Workplace!’ and the rest on assorted topics! The columns were running for more than 14 years ‘before being brought down with a big thud!’ mainly based on a Technicality!



My granddaughter opening the book carton just arrived from USA!

The book is a bird’s eye view all about me from my all varied articles to date! If one wants to write my Obituary then there is no place to start than from this book – but not forgetting reading the other books as well! I apologise in advance – as I do feel I may have missed out in some articles. But writing my Bibliography, this book will go 90% in doing the work!

The articles produced here are in main part linked to me as Majid aka as Magic – Magic Man as the pseudonym I used in ‘The Forums’! Also interestingly the article – Why Do They Call You Magic? Also Who Is Majid? And My Epitaph! The articles are also about My Family and My Late Parents – Peace Be Upon Them!

There are several bits and pieces spread out in my other 28 books where they could also come here – but then the book will be very big in size and in contents!

I hope you will like reading about me!

People were always asking me – Why don’t you write a book about yourself? The story of your life? I then decided to accept the challenge and write this book. Like the other books – I have tried to be as factual as possible – and with my usual style of writing of speaking to you directly from my heart – and to be as sincere, genuine, frank, forthright as possible – so that this book can not only be used in Research works – but as a Guide and Beacon for the children, grandchildren, great grandchildren – and future generations by the Grace of Allah God – Ameen Amen.

This is a frank, honest, open and call-a-spade-a-spade no punch-spared, no barrels held stuff and no frills play book – and as my usual style of speaking to you direct from my heart! As if we know each other a long time – and there are no barriers or secrets between us – or as famously Between Us Only!

Nobody has been spared here – and that includes even myself too!

The Author

April 19, 2015

About the Author

The Author is an ex-retired now Management and Human Resources Consultant, Advisor, Expert and Professional with over 40 years experiences in companies in Oman and GCC. He has published 21 books before this one – see Lives in Muscat in Oman – married with grandchildren. Writing has been his passion and hobby from the age of 14 years old and his first essay had won a National Competition at this age. He has been writing wherever he was – from Schools, Colleges, Universities and Company Magazines and Newsletters! He is also a noted and famed Columnist where many of his books originate!

His famous quote is always – Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you make no money! – Jules Renard! More about the Author here –