No More – Between Us Only! This Is Goodbye!

No More – Between Us Only!

This Is Goodbye!

The End of My Columns!

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All The Between Us Only! Books Stretching Over 14 Years!

Goodbye; Between Us Only!

Authored by Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany MBA

This book is the 11th book in The Series – Between Us Only! And my 21st book so far.

It is recommended that this book be read together with this book: –
Writing: My Passion! –
* Also – Goodbye; Between Us Only! –

Also – The Final Touch Down!  

There were some articles missed out in the above * books after the end and the collapse of my column articles in November 2013 – more than a year ago!
What is of paramount importance is to get all my articles Post last Between Us Only1 series – Wipe My Tears! The book was published in June 2013 – all intended to put all my books in one place for further references and for record purposes!

I have also included all those articles after end of my columns mainly based on ‘a Technicality’ that was designed to stop and to end my columns.

I was keeping to myself and trying to avoid conflict – but still people were after me! So I decided to accept the challenge – and write and record this book as last of my columns writings for future records and references.

No one can kill the spirit, passion, soul and heart of a Writer – because so long as a Writer will live he will not stop writing!

As Jules Renard had said – No one considers a Writer as ridiculous – even if he does not make any money! So there! Besides, I had posted this in all The Social Media – November 13, 2014

Good Karma says – Do not go for revenge! Because sooner than later God will allow you to watch as they screw up in life! Karma will come to them too!

As The Chinese say – If you are going to make a grave for your enemy; make two – and 1 keep for yourself!

The East Africans say also – Wait at the level for the man going up the ladder!

I hope you will enjoy reading this book! Take Care!