Appeal To The Leadership! Please Read It!

Appeal To The Leadership! Please Read It!

Your Highnesses and Your Excellencies;

I am sorry to write this in English because though our late parents tried hard but the environment especially in Tanzania was more Englsh and on returning to Oman in 1972 had joined PDO till retirement!

I had written the English Version of the book under personal persuasion of GM Majan then Engineer Ahmed Al Mazroei in 2011. I am not from Safety and this book was not easy for me to write!

Only Muscat Daily carried the covering of the book! Where I had columns in The Oman Daily Observer, I used my own columns then still existing to propagate the books. The other newspapers refused to cover the book ‘because I wrote in The Observer!’

People came to me to translate the book into Arabic! Finally PDO CSR CIV translated the book Proof Read it and Published The First version on their own costs! Which was very good of them! Their HSE Experts – one Chris and one Suleiman – contributed in books topics and their ideas and opinions – including usage of PDO Safety Campaigns Advertisements!

I approached  many Top Omani and Others CEOs GMs Omanis Directors and Managers – but the Reception was lukewarm at most! Some did not even bother to reply me at all! Perhaps if the book was written by an Expatriate especially a Pretty Lady – they would all jump forward to come to assist!

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Part of the culture of jealousy, envy, personalities, polarization and not ‘valuing and esteeming’ our own! Even The USA Publishers were shocked! Because they were ready to invest 10,000 Dollars if I put in the other half to advertise the book in all USA TV Channels!

I tried also UAE and KSA – complete silence also!

In Sohar Road Safety Exhibition 1 month back I gave the books to ORSA Sohar and ROP Sohar Commandment  60 copies for all ROP Offices in Sohar! I have still asked and waiting for a letter of Commendation from them!

Why are we treating each other so crudely and raw like this? Is it because the book was published by me? And people simply hate my guts? And what I write? On The Few Indians and Others Mafias and the Gullible, Docile Old Guards? Our own?

Where is the justice, ethics, principles and professionalism? Where is this talk of encouraging Omani Innovation, Talents and Expertise? Self Employment and SMEs? Where Our Leaders? Where?

They told me the books will sell like Hot Cup Cakes! And selling at publishing costs only of OMR 5 Five! My house is full of unsold books cartons!

The Leadership must do more than just leaving others to do things! They will not – because smugly put people are prejudiced and biased! It takes only a few to destroy all the good works done by HM and Others!

Please support us Omani Authors, Writers and Artists!

May Allah God SWT Direct you to the Right Thing – Ameen The MOI should start with The Media and Newspapers first – especially one well know for its prejudices – but it has now extended to even inside to our Public Newspaper too!

Everyone in life is responsible for one’s Actions – and Inactions! Our Youth and Future will record us for what we did – or not do!

Allah Maakuum – God be With You Ameen!

The Books!

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Loyal Citizen;

Majid bin Said bin Nasser bin Zahor Al Suleimany

December 4th, 2014