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My Books Are Now Available as eBooks in Kindle (Amazon)! – Kindle Direct Publishing! 



MAS eBooks


The other remaining books will be done at a later stage! God Willing!

Insha Allah!


Books now in eBooks Kindle Amazon

Arab ManagementFront The Call09 - Wipe My Tears

Now in eBooks Kindle Amazon

My First Four of Five Books are already in eBooks and in Kindle!

Psychology BookA Cry For Help - THISThe SequelShort TakesUSA Golden Seal

Also already in eBooks and Kindle

PP Native Cover.4097374.indd10 - Behind The Wheel08 - BUO TS 307 - BUO ST 2

 The other remaining books will be done at a later stage!

Insha Allah! God Willing!

 Advantages of eBooks and Kindle to Hard Copies:-

  • Latest technology and innovation.
  • Far Cheaper Prices – Around 10 Dollars.
  • You can download at your own pace and privacy and directly to PC Mobile etc. after payments
  • You can load as many books as you want in your PC
  • No hassles to go to Bookshops, Parking etc.
  • Nobody can borrow your eBook – and fail to return it!
  • Our Oman and GCC Bookshops have still not learnt the lessons of ‘Not Wanting to Support Local Authors”!
  • Beg The Owners and Senior Staffers (mainly our ‘Good Indian Friends’!) to support you to stock your books – even if viciously they are losing more money from already a declining business!
  • Even if some Bookshops are closing down!
  • And as now no one is buying books – because people simply put smugly – People Do Not Read!
  • A Society that does not read will probably end in obscurity and great doubt of its future in history and legacy!
  • So many others
  • November 26th 2014