The Final Touches! Finals – Between Us Only!

The Final Touches! Finals – Between Us Only!

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This is my 8th book in The Between Us Only! Series and my 15th book to date! In this book, I have included the articles that came out after my last book in the series Wipe My Tears! and at the End of My Columns!

Including my some ‘touching feeling articles’ to fill in the book – as there were only a handful of articles then that were out of my books!

Probably my last book – I hope you will enjoy reading my books – especially with The Between Us Only! Series as the columns have now ‘naturally died’ and ended as most things in life one day do!

It was a very difficult time to write especially this book and see The End of My Columns! But as they say – Do not cry because it has ended – but be happy because it has happened!

It was more of a hobby, self-satisfying and self-gratification in my writings and was never intended to make money! There is no money in books – as I found out the hard way – and as they say – Writing is the only profession that no one considers you ridiculous if you make no money! – Jules Renard.


I should know because Reading Habits are scarce and rare in our part of the world with especially now things like Facebook, WhatsUp, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. I was also advised to translate my Road Safety Books – – Behind The Wheel! And to sell it at dismal price of about 12 Dollars only (Omani Rials 5) – but the boxes of books remain unsold at home from ‘expected hopes in sales’…in actual fact people still want signed copies but as Free Complimentary Gifts – that is how cheap people have become.

Frankly – and smugly put – There is simply No Support for Omani Writers, Authors and Columnists – and Artists – apart from The Usual Hyperbole and Rhetoric – only for Images and Media purposes only!

Yet we have BIG Conferences on Education etc. Education is BASED ON BOOKS – and ENCOURAGING The Reading Habits – which are almost non-existent in The Omani Camp! Despite all the talks, rhetoric, images etc.!

What more can I say now? Take Care and Bye!

Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany

The Author

October 18th 2014