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August 27

خلف عجلة القيادة Arabic – Behind The Wheel!

خلف عجلة القيادة أن تكون سائقًا آمِنًا ماجد السليماني    أُخِذت بقراءة الكتاب، حتى إنني أعدت التفكير في ما اعتقدت أني كنت أعرفه عن السلامة على الطريق. رئيس تنفيذي لشركة بريطانية تأثّرت كثيرًا بما ورد من قصص مأساوية مرعبة في الكتاب. مدير عام عماني تشير الإحصائيات إلى أن سلطنة عمان من بين […]

August 26

More on PDO Talents’ Day!

More on PDO Talents’ Day! Images –        Images 1 to 4 I am in the centre standing in Image 1 – 2nd photo.    

August 25

Why I Wrote The Book! The New One in Arab Management!

Why I Wrote The Book! The New One in Arab Management! About The Book! Book Behind Cover Writing! Do not tell me you are going to write this book! I just cannot believe it! – British CEO I thought after your last book – and the end of your columns – you will stop […]

August 20

Arab Management : Reality or Myth? The Arab Manager!

My New Arab Management Book.   Arab Management: Reality or Myth? The Arab Manager! This is my 12th book and 3rd in The Arab Management Series after Psychology of Arab Management Thinking! And A Cry For Help! The book has gone for publication. See here –   The First Two Arab Management Books! By […]

August 15

Books Compliments – From A Top VIP!

From A Top VIP! FYI The Best Compliments Received So Far! From His Excellency ….. See Here *** –           ……….. Quote ….. August 12 2014 After Compliments Dear Ustaadh Majid; Thank you about the information about your new Road Safety book Arabic – Behind The Wheel!  –خلف عجلة […]

August 07

Texting Whilst Driving? Watch This Video!

Texting Whilst Driving? Watch This Video!  

August 04

Arabic Book – Behind The Wheel! Available On Line!

Arabic – Behind The Wheel! Book Now Available On Line! You can go order here – The Book is now Available on Line. Price USA Dollars 28.00 Twenty Eight!