Still More Comments on My Books Display!

Still More Comments on My Books Display!

Abdulla Al Mahrouqy

1          From Abdullah Al Mahrouqy – Omani Engineer GM and PDO Voluntary Early Retired.

“Leadership is about making others grow like what I read from Mr. Raoul and Engineer GM Ahmed Mazroi as their encouragement words to you.

Also we ought to be happy when one of us has achieved something because Envy; “hasid”mistrust biased judgement and prejudices are all branded as corrupted minds and if at all are only good tools for retarding progress .

So just ignore them if and when they come to surface and if necessary get the energy from within whenever tried to be put off.

Again Well done Mr. Majid you deserve it and we need more people like you!!”


Mohamed Anwar Al Balushi

2          From Mohamed Anwar Al Balushi – Senior Banker and Observer Columnist

Dear Guru,   I don’t know if you ever noticed or not, but you have the qualities of true leadership. You are one of those who always try and make efforts to let others grow and developed.   Regards,   Your Student

PDO Talents Day

3          My Response

Thanks my brother Mohamed. You have been the greatest of my supporters always. Allah Bless Ameen

Unfortunately others think I am ‘trouble’ because I dare open my mouth and speak my mind. Which they do not want!

Allah Kareem! God Is Great and Merciful!


Best Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany