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November 26

System Failure – Not Recognising, Valuing and Appreciating Our Own Writers! Sad!  – Arab writers’ forum begins – Omani Society of Writers and Literati System Failure! Not Recognising and Valuing Our Own Writers! Life cannot defeat a Writer who is in love with writing , for life itself is a Writer’s love until death – Edna Ferber Simply calling yourself as wise men does not make […]

November 05

Wipe My Tears! Sample Article!  – Direct Order Images – Wipe My Tears! B.01           Wipe My Tears!  Sample Article – March 21, 2013 It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart – Mahatma Ghandi I do not know if you have noticed this? The truth is – every time that […]

November 03

A Book That Kindles Soul Searching!

A book that kindles soul-searching! Book Review – Culture Features – The Oman Daily Observer Tuesday 22nd, October 2013 / 17:55 Written by Oman Observer in Culture Wipe My Tears! — Between Us Only! — has been adapted from Majid Al Suleimany’s successful newspaper columns in Oman Daily Observer. Utilising the very best touching […]

November 02

Ordering My Books Directly!

How To Order Directly! Books Websites For Ordering All My Books 01 Wipe My Tears! *** Wipe My Tears! 02 Being The Safe Driver! Safe Driving 03 Short Takes – Two! Short Takes 2 04 The Sequel – Three! The Sequel 3 05 Psychology of Arab Management Thinking! Arab Psychology 06 A Cry For Help! Arab […]