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Dear All & After Compliments;

A          Psychology of Arab Management Thinking Book! Win The Golden Seal Award!

Front Cover

Pleased to inform you on the revised book cover showing distinction of winning the Golden Seal Award USA and entrant to Eric Hoffer USA Award. Though did not win the Eric Hoffer Award the mere fact that it was there as one of The Final Entrants for me is a Great Achievement as competing with other entrants Doctors in PhDs, major worldwide Authors with far more books than me etc.

I am a simple person from Oman competing in such awards!

 Allah remove all the hypocrisy, double standards, jealousies and envies Amin

 Allah is Great. ALR.

N.B. The book is sold out in Oman. Extra copies ordered. Prce OMR 17 – Seventeen. 

B          Special Book Offer.

Buy 3 of my new books at a combined price of OMR 28 – Twenty Eight. Reduced from OMR 36 – Save OMR 8.

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Can be delivered at the following places – one day notice!


NAWRAS Grand Mall

MSM – Muscat Stock Market HO

Collect Villa Qorum Heights PDO – Villa 1911 – Way 1028

Two Days Notice

Bank Muscat HO


 Ramadhan Mubarak!

Majid Al Suleimany

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