My New Books Stocks Have Arrived!

My New Books Stocks Have Arrived!

Available at Family Bookshops in Medinat Qaboos and WHSmith Book Stores in Oman.

Contact Mobiles (For books 5 and above)

Mr. Abdul Aziz Family Bookshop – Mobile GSM 9949 6120

Mr. Jude Da Costa – WHSmith – Mobile GSM 95146302

Price OMR 12 – Twelve

1-being-the-safe-driver-front[1]3 - BUO TS 32 - BUO ST 21 - Behind The Wheel Cover

More Books Details Here and at and

Best Wishes and Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany

June 10th 2013

For Direct Orders – Being The Safe Driver! Us Only! – The Sequel – 3! – Between Us Only! Short Takes – 2!