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May 14

Kirkus Books Reviews – Being The Safe Driver!

      Final Final Front Cover Double Click To Open KIRKUS REVIEWS TITLE INFORMATION  BEING THE SAFE DRIVER! Behind The Wheel! The New Road Safety Novel! Al Suleimany, Majid CreateSpace (448 pp.) $32.00 paperback ISBN: 978-1481843034; February 2, 2013   BOOK REVIEW  A heartfelt, enthusiastic series of instructions and warnings about road safety.  Al Suleimany, […]

May 14

Being The Safe Driver!

Being The Safe Driver! Behind The Wheel! The New Road Safety Book!  It Is All About Driving! Gripping read and made me rethink what I knew about driving on the roads – British HSE Expert Touched my heart reading such tragic stories regarding the carnage on the roads – Indian Lady Fan  Has changed my […]